07/12/2022 Promoting science and technology integration activities in the field of agriculture in Hoa Binh province

At the invitation of the Hoa Binh Farmers Support Center (Center), on June 21, 2022 in Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province, the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization and Promotion (VISTIP) had a meeting with the Hoa Binh Farmer Support Center. Attending the meeting, on the side of the Hoa Binh Farmers Support Center were Mr. Bui Duc Bien - Vice Chairman of the Provincial Farmers' Association cum Director of the Center, comrades in the Board of Directors and in charge of the Center's departments. On the side of VISTIP, there were Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop, Deputy Director in charge, and a number of key divison-level staff attended the meeting.

07/01/2022 Online meeting for developing cooperation activities between Centre for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) and Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI)

On 23rd June 2022, VISTIP and CABI co-hosted online meeting by Zoom platform. On the side of VISTIP, Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop– Deputy director in charge and representative of the functional divisions; and on the CABI, Mr. Feng Chang, regional director of East and Southeast Asia, and Mr. Muhammad Faheem, Integrated Crop Management Advisor, coordinator of Plantwise program in Vietnam.

06/09/2022 Developing S&T cooperation activities between the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) and Korea SMEs and startups Agency (KOSME)

At the invitation of the representative of Korea SMEs and startups Agency (KOSME), on the afternoon of June 2nd, 2022, the leader of the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) came to visit and work at the Korea Business Development Center (KBDC) under KOSME.

06/01/2022 Finnovation Contest 2022 launched

NDO – A launch ceremony for the Student Fintech Startup Contest - Finnovation 2022 was held in Hanoi on April 18 by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and related units.

06/01/2022 Vietnam Blockchain Association makes debut

NDO/VNA - The Vietnam Blockchain Association was launched in the capital city of Hanoi on May 17, the first official legal entity specialising in the field of blockchain technology.

06/01/2022 National scientific-technological development and innovation strategy approved

NDO/VNA – Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has signed a decision to issue a strategy for scientific-technological development and innovation until 2030.

06/01/2022 Authors of military-defence projects honoured with Ho Chi Minh Awards

NDO/VNA – President Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented the Ho Chi Minh Awards in Science and Technology to 49 authors involved in two outstanding projects in the field of military-defence.

08/30/2021 Probiotics - treating plastic waste created by Vietnamese

According to the research team, the compositions not only accelerate the decomposition of biodegradable plastic waste, but also the composting process from some organic wastes with output quality "like being disinfected". ” - can be used for sustainable soil improvement or as a safe fertilizer.

08/28/2021 WIPO’s COVID-19 Related Services and Support

It comprises five main areas: policy and legislative assistance; technical assistance and capacity building; innovation support and technology transfer; IP dispute resolution; and knowledge resources.

08/28/2021 Genetic scissors: at the cutting-edge of life

Scientists are also investigating the potential of other CRISPR-associated systems such as Cas12a and Cas13, including to test for and treat COVID-19.
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